17 Fun Low-Cost Ideas for Anonymous Acts of Kindness!

There are many types of random acts of kindness you can use to spread love! This is a living list of inexpensive monetary ideas.

A little goes a long way to make someone’s day.

Leave some change or a couple bills somewhere for someone to find:

  • in a library book
  • in a parking lot
  • on a gas pump
  • in a change counting machine

Pay for the next person in line:

  • drive thru
  • coffee
  • froyo
  • gas
  • carwash
  • parking
  • toll


  • parking meter
  • Redbox
  • vending machine
  • arcade game
  • gashapon (those little trinket machines in gas stations and store exits)
  • giftcard (I recommend noting how much is on it so the recipient knows what they have to work with.)

I know there are tons more ways of doing this, so please share your ideas and we’ll keep adding them.

We’d also love to hear the story if you’ve been the recipient of one of these acts of kindness before!


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