Free Printable Anonymous Acts of Kindness Cards

Anonymous acts of kindness are awesome, but what if you could find out who benefited or how it impacted them?

The goal of these cards is to create and connect a community of people:

  • who are making anonymous acts of kindness part of their lifestyle
  • who are impacted by those acts of kindness
  • who are encouraging each other and sharing ideas to pay it forward

When someone receives this card, whether along with an accompanying act of kindness or just as an encouraging message, they’re able to learn more through the website and find, and connect with, the community through the hashtag.

We hope they’ll also be inspired to post a picture and/or share how they were impacted.

These are set up to be printed 10 to a sheet. You can print on regular or cardstock paper and just cut them out, or if you want to simplify things, you could use business card paper, also available in your local office store​.

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