Love never fails.

What if we all gave more attention to the light – less concerned about being ‘right’ and more intent on being love?

What If…

What if spotting opportunities for anonymous acts of kindness was a natural part of your everyday?

What if families were empowered as teams to make their communities brighter?

What if we lived to lift each other up?

Empowering Undercover Agents for Good

Guerilla Giving seeks to spread light and love by providing inspiration, tools, and resources that inspire and empower anonymous acts of kindness and aid philanthropy.

Are you ready to live an adventure right where you are?

One small act can create a ripple effect that changes the world, and that prospect is exhilarating… the greatest adventure there is.

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Turn Up

Encouraging Words Free Printable

There’s not a person in the world who couldn’t use more encouraging words! This free printable will make it super easy to spread words of encouragement all around your community 🙂 Just print, cut the vertical dotted lines, and post in a public location. Instant Access