Here we go…

In 2005 we wanted to give money to some friends, but we didn’t want them to know it was us. (We did figure out a way to sneak them some cash, but it wasn’t ideal.)

It gave us the idea for for a service that would make it easy to do that.

We researched how we could make it happen and got a little hung up on legalities surrounding money. Since we were in the middle of a bunch of other stuff at the time we shelved the idea for later.

Over the years we continued to think of Guerilla Giving many times, but the timing still never felt right.

In 2016, contemplating the coming year – who we wanted to be and what we wanted to be about, I was musing over making random acts of kindness a regular part of our life.

And then, as I was putting stuff together for a post about anonymous acts of kindness this week…

I remembered our 2005 dream and thought, now. Now is the time.

So we’re starting simple.

We figured if we want to practice random acts of kindness in our family, chances are you might want to as well.

We’ll be posting ideas and resources to make it easier, and we also want to gather a collection of stories of people spreading kindness as well as people encountering kindness.

There are various other people and groups doing similar things, which normally discourages me from venturing out, but what do we really have to lose by creating more avenues for kindness in our communities?

You can help us by using the hashtag #commissionedtolove when sharing on your favorite social channel to connect and create community as well as spread encouragement 🙂

What we hope to establish…

  • We want to create an on-going gallery of inspiration and encouragement (#commissionedtolove)
  • We want to sell merch with at least half of the proceeds going toward a monthly kindness/giving theme/charity. (The other part will support development and creating new opportunities.)
  • We’d love to work with other contributing artists.
  • We want to make it easier for people to anonymously give to specific needs of people they know, as well as join together for larger collective causes.

A couple years ago someone we followed came up with the idea for a dollar charity club, like the concept of the Dollar Shave Club, but for charity. We connected with him and were supposed to get together to make it happen, but… then he just dropped off. We may still be able to connect…

We’ll see.

(Are you, or do you know, someone who can help out with the legal stuff to handle money for something like this?)

Why “guerilla”?

All of us tend to pursue things we enjoy and avoid things we don’t…

While it almost always makes you feel good to do something kind for someone, going “undercover” definitely adds a layer of fun.

We endeavor to help bring surprise smiles to faces, to “sabotage” hate and darkness.

We know that “guerrilla” is the more commonly used word, but that domain wasn’t available in 2005 (even though it’s still not being used even now). When we looked up “guerilla” the definition was “guerrilla”, so we just went with it. also works and just redirects here.

Let’s see what Love wants to do with this…

What can you do?

  • use our resources in your community
  • share with others (#commissionedtolove)
  • contribute ideas, content, designs for merch, printables, etc. (We will consider all contributions, but may not be able to use everything.)
  • support through merch purchase
  • follow our social channels to connect and get regular inspiration
  • donate


Thanks for using the hashtag on your favorite social channels to help connect and create community!

Don't forget your free tool
for anonymous acts of kindness!


[the people behind Guerilla Giving]

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